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Friday, December 30, 2011

Book review: The Dangerous Days of Daniel X, By James Paterson, rated PG-13

Daniel X Is the best super hero ever. Why? Because he can make things. With his mind. Daniel is an alien who hunts other aliens for a living. Evil Aliens. His parents were alien hunters until they were murdered when Daniel was three. Now Daniel is counting down the top bad guys, excuse me, aliens, Till he gets to the number one evil alien of all, and he just happens to be the one who killed Daniels parents. But for now, he's at number six. Number six wants to steal what's on the earth, and kill every one on it too. Daniel has to stop him, even though Number six has the same powers as Daniel, and he can use them better than Daniel can. What could go wrong?

This was a pretty good book. Think Spider Man meets Men In Black, that's about what Daniel X would be described as. The book was very suspenseful, but what else do you expect from James Paterson? It's exciting, detailed, and rather funny.  Daniel has Multiple friends which pop in and help him when ever he needs them to. Each of them have a different personality, which is good. Every one should be able to find something in common with one of the characters. This book is very fast passed, I didn't want to stop reading it. it has a really interesting story idea. It was very well written, and Just a really good book.

 Now for the bad. Most of the bad involved gore. Daniel gets smacked around a lot. He gets shot in the stomach, then has the bullet removed  latter using gardening tools. His parents death is not terribly graphic but a little gruesome. Daniel gets back at the aliens for his stomach wound, he shreds one alien to pieces in a sewer.  As you can tell this turns very messy. there are multiple battle sequences most of which are gory. There isn't much swearing that I can remember, maybe one or two mild swear words.

 Other than all that, it's a good book. Not for people who can't handle gore. I think it's funny I found this book in the children section at Barnes & Noble. I would suggest it as a book for ages thirteen and up. Good book for people who like super heroes, Maximum Ride, and Action-Adventure. There are multiple books in the series at the moment, with more coming. Thank's for reading, Bri π
Rated: PG-13 for disturbing images, fantasy violence, some swearing and Gore.


  1. Hey Bri! I love the new background colors!
    -- Meg

  2. Hey Bri,
    how was your NaNoWriMo book?

  3. Nano book is still not done, it's in the works at the moment. Bri π