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Monday, December 12, 2011

No more Scrooge.

Well, the play is done for the holidays, We had so much fun during it. For strike Cookie and I were on Christmas tree duty. We had to take down all the Christmas trees and put them away. We also had to put away the snow, the tarps, the furniture, and then we had to take a box of Christmas stuff to the Pit. The pit is the creepy room were they keep all the props in between shows. I Am going to try out for the next play, it's an Irish play. I hope I get a good role. I really enjoyed scrooge, I have some funny quotes people said durring it, I am going to write them down.
"OK who's been eating tuna?"     "Good day sir to you and you drunken lady wife"            "Well, fancy meeting you here, in your house"           "All right, Tiny Tim is getting an Xbox 360."          "Our brother is dead and you are DANCING?!!!"           Now i'm just going to put random quotes from my family and friends.
"Gambit's! I mean, Bandits! I mean, I don't know what I mean." -Bri
"Pi Pod Puch" -Morgan
"I like to beat, beat, beat Monkeys with bananas"-JJ
"Beating animals with there food is quite entertaining."- JJ
"I am not an astronaut" -Black
Every one should be afraid of JJ" -Kelcy
"It's so fun to see tough guys cry" -Noah.
"I am holding still!" -Ju-Ju
And that is the end of my Post, By Bri!

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