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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Book review: The Angel Experiment, by James Patterson, Rated: PG-13

 Max doesn't exist, well she doesn't according to the government. She doesn't have parent's. She isn't even human. Not entirely at least. Max is not alone. She is part of the Flock, a group of mutant kids- Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, The Gasman, and Angel. Oh, and did I mention, they have wings? They are a human bird hybrid, Made in a secret lab called the School. After years of being experimented on, They fly the coop, Literally. With the help of one of the scientists named Jeb, they escape and hide from the scientists and the Erasers, Mutants who are half human, half wolf. Jeb has dissapeared and the Flock is all alone. And just when Max thinks it can't get any worse, The Erasers kidnap Angel. Now they have to rescue her, and keep themselves safe at the same time.  That'll be easy. Not.

 This book was very well written. James Patterson does not hold back on the suspense. The Idea of secret labs making mutant weapons, it's very exciting. The story grabs you and doesn't let you go, not even at the end. Max is such a fierce kick-your-butt kinda gal. She's loyal, smart, funny, and she's got great character. The other characters are very good too, and I mean really good. The story is extremely fast paced and exciting. There are bible references, and the Flock hides in a church to escape police. After they go in they pray for a while and don't want to leave.

Now for the bad, Lot's of language, implied and blunt. They take the name of the lord in vain multiple times. Lots of violence. Max at one point snaps an Erasers neck. Max makes her hands bloody punching a tree.   lots of broken noses. The fight scenes aren't terribly graphic, but there is speak of blood, gaping wounds, electric shock, explosions, death, swearing, and  blaspheme. There is not very much, if any, talk of inappropriate things. The most show of love is when Max kisses Fang on the lips. The flock steals food, they illegally sleep in trees, they steal a car, and someones ATM card. Nudge and Fang witness a women smoking a cigarette.

This book would be good for people maybe 12 or 13 to read at minimum. It's probably not good for people who don't like gore and death. It would be good for people who like adventure and suspense. Also people who like the Virals series or X men. This book is definitely a thriller. I rate it PG-13 for blood, death, disturbing images, smoking, and mild swearing. Thanks for reading, Bri π

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