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Monday, December 19, 2011

Papa is in the house! (different Papa)

My Papa Lee is here at my house. See, not Papa Johns. Papa Lee. We had Christmas today. Well this evening. Now we are listening to me sing at church. Me and my sisters that is. I had a cold that night so I was a little off. oh well. I am reading Virals by Kathy Reiches.  It's about Temperance Brennan niece, Tory Brennan. It's a pretty good book. I'll Review it in a bit. Let me finish the book again. I'll have it Tuesday evening at the latest. tomorrow at the best. let me think what to say, what to say. Umm....

I was in the car with daddy and we were having an argument about who was cooler: X men or teenaged mutant ninja turtles. I was sideing with X men and daddy with TMNT and daddy stopped the conversation and said "Since we are actually having this conversation I think we are deamed uncool" I burst our laughing. I thought it was really funny. I asked daddy why and he said because people who read comic books are uncool for some reason. I don't read comics yet but I will soon. Mama is going to let me take 'Chris-ology' as my uncle Chris calls it. At my grandpas Christmas thing he was. Very upset that we had not read any comics. He said we had to come over for a leson in chris-ology. Mama and Callie are playing tug of war. I am done posting now. I did this from my iPod. Bye Bri!

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