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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


How is that supposed to work?! Who's going to give Katnis the pin? There's a whole back story about the pin, and so now are they're just cutting that out too? Who the heck is going to give Katnis the pin!?! Madge is an important character!!!! SHE GIVES KATNIS HER SYMBOL!!!!! Does Katnis just happen to have the pin that will be the symbol for the rebellion? I don't think so!! This totally sucks. Well at least they didn't cut out Rue. That would really suck, but I guess they can't really cut out Rue. She's kinda important. But still, how is it close to the book if they don't have Madge? Madge is in fact a really important character. Grrrrrr. Movie people are annoying. They say one thing, then they take out your favorite character. So stupid.

I've been trying to figure out if there will be a Witch & Wizard movie, and so far nothing. I read some were that It was going to be made into a movie like Max Ride, but I guess not. I don't know. I wonder who would play Whisty? She's gotta have flame red hair, and freckles. And they have to have Feffer!! And Celia, and Janie, and Sasha, and Mrs. Hysmith, and Emmet, And Byron, They have to have the entire resistance or else it'll just be boring. Oh and for Maximum Ride, They must have Ella!! And Total. And Dylan (even though he sucks) And Ari, They just have to have every one ok!! Because they ruined Percy Jackson with out Clarisse and Thalia!! and that can NOT happen to Whitch and Wizard, or Maximum Ride or The Hunger Games. Because then, what would we do with all these ruined movies? And the world would end. (Not Really) Thank you for listening to my complaining. Bye Bri π