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Monday, January 30, 2012

The fourth dimension and banned books.

I know what the forth dimension is. It is were we live. We are fourth dimensional. We are touchable. Not that I want to be touched, because I really don't like touching. It's not fun. I started this thing called instagram, on my ipod. It's like a blog except for pictures. pretty cool. I think I'm going to do one of those question things. I just need to knoe were you get the questions. You know, were you like answer questions than post them on your blog, I need some questions, If you have an Idea tell me and maybe I'll answer it. One moment I must realease the hounds. *leaves for moment* Ok I'm back. So questions. Ask away. Funny or seirious I'll answer best I can. Um.... You know how the ban books in library's and schools? well I think that's totally dumb. here is a list of book that are banned and guess what... I've read all of them.

1. Harry Potter. It's banned because of witch craft, fantasy, and violence.
2. Bridge to Teribethia. language, religion, and death. Um.... Ok?
3. To Kill a Mockingbird. language, religion, and racism. Again...um, Ok?
4. A Wrinkle in Time. Cristianity, witch craft, and demons. So?
5. Farinhiet 451. What's ironic about this one is that It's about what would happen if the government banned all books. It was banned for language, and themes (Hmmmm....)
6. The Diary of Anne Frank. Supposed sexual references.
7.Little women. Because Jo end's up getting married. (That make absolutely no sense what so ever)

This whole banning book's thing seems really stupid. Why ban books if this is a free government. Yeah, there's bad stuff in the world, but shouldn't we know about it to avoid it? Or better yet read about it to not make mistakes. Gosh, The government really ticks me off. next they'll try to ban movies, and music, maybe even our ideas. Leave us with our rights, or we will revolt. They should learn from the revolutionary war, or have they banned books about that too? Bye Bri π
                                           READ BANNED BOOKS!!!!!


  1. Have you read all the Wrinkle In Time books? I have all four in (huge thick) book. They are pretty good. Many Waters is my favorite.
    Little Women? What about Little Men and Jo's Boys?
    Who were these banned by?

    1. Yeah, I've read them all I liked the one about mitochondria. I'm not sure about Little Men and Jo's Boy's, but I'll look it up. They were banned because a parent decided that they didn't like it in schools, and thus no one in there kid's school should read it. Then they complained to the government and the government took them of the shelves of schools and occasionally library's. Pretty dumb right?

  2. Hmm. So these books were banned by the Gov. from schools and libraries? Any where else? This could become concerning if they try to ban books from other places. But the schools and libraries are mainly government run and funded (especially schools, I'm not certain about libraries, but I'm pretty sure that they at least get government subsidy).

    1. some were banned from certain book stores, but mostly from schools and library's. the book store's banned them themselves, because the didn't agree with what ever the book was about. Bri