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Friday, January 13, 2012


Last night I got a gift card to iTunes, so I was looking at my favorite TV shows (Mythbusters, Leverage, Psych, etc. etc) to see how much they were, and I found a leverage that said "Free" so I clicked on it to figure out which episode it was and stuff. But I hit the button and it started downloading! I started freaking out because I'm not supposed to get stuff with out my parents saying it's OK.  I ran upstairs and told them. daddy said it was fine as long as it was free. It was. So I got Leverage for free. Yay. But from now on I am never, ever going to press that button again. Ever.  
 Mama is taking us somewhere today, but she won't tell us were.  I wonder were it will be. Obviously it's not the Zoo, because it's cold out, and it's all snowy. She said it's indoors. Maybe were going to see a movie? Oh! Did Beauty and the Beast come out? She said we were going to go see it. So I bet that's what were doing. Probably. I have been wrong before. I would probably not make a very good detective. I always forget little things. Like what day it is, and were I left my stuff. So maybe we aren't going to see the movie. But that seems like the most likely thing. has Beauty and The Beast even come out yet? (I mean the 3D version) I don't know. I need to go get ready to go.  If it is Beauty and The beast, i am not going to go and Scrape my knee up like the last movie we went to see that was re released. That was not fun. Well Bye Bri π

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