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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Book Review: Untracable by S. R. Johannes Rated: PG-13

Grace's dad has been missing for  three months, and there are no leads as to were he's gone. Grace thinks she can find him, after all he taught her how to track just about anything. if any one can find it's got to be her, but for some unknown reason, every one tells her to give up. The police captin, her the phsycyatrist, her best friend, even her mom says she should give up. Grace can not give up. Not on her dad. She can find him, Because No one, not even her, is untracable. Right?

 I quite enjoyed this book was exhilarating. The action was very good, very fast paced, you really have no clue whats going to happen next. This book keeps you on your toes. Grace is such a tom-boy, she's knows a lot about nature, and is very aware of her surroundings. The forest that this books base is full of various flora and fauna, as well as perilous cliffs (figurative and literal), animals and people. The mystery is gripping, you really don't know what happened exactly until the end. Lot's of twists and turns, this book takes you every were and back again. The love triangle is engrossing, both the boy's, Wyn and Mo, are as different as can be. This is a very exciting book. I really loved this book.

 There are some swear words, but like most book's I review only a few and (mostly) at appropriate times. This book might make you cry a little, so be warned. Not balling but a little teary eyed-ness. God is mentioned a couple of times. There is gore, and quite a bit of it. There are dead animals and people, people are shot, slammed into things, beaten, and completely knocked senseless. Among other things, Grace sneaks out of her house, spends the  night with a boy, she steals her own motor bike from her mother while she is grounded, and breaks into a police captain's office and hacks his computer. There are some inapropriate comments, mostly about female body parts.

A good age to read this book would be thirteen, this is a mature book, but it is riveting. I would recommend this book to just about any one, as it has just about every thing. Murder, wilderness, survival, romance, police investigations, poaching, and scandal, this book pretty much covers all genera's. I would not recommend this for people who do not handle death and gore well. I hope you enjoyed my review, I will be posting a review of S. R. Johannes's new book On the Bright Side Thursday, February second, so please check it out! Bri π


  1. SO, you'll post the new one on thursday? woah, everything's on thursday... :D

    1. I guess so, Interview, book review, birthday, and baby! :)So excited! Bri

  2. That is a awesome day. We should make a holiday...