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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy January.

Yep, It's that time of year again. The beginning. January. fun. recently I have bee reading James Patterson books, as you can tell. I've been reading his teen books: Daniel X, Witch & Wizard, and Maximum Ride. people keep asking me if they're scary books. My Nana was really shocked that I was reading James Patterson books. I don't think they are scary. I think they're exciting and suspenseful. Maybe if you don't handle death and blood well, then yeah it might be scary, but I'm not particularly afraid of death and blood. I think one of the only books that actually scared me, Like really scared me, was Life As We Knew It, by a lady whose name I forget. It was so freaky. I don't know why it scared me so bad. Maybe the whole end of the world thing? The book was about what would happen if the moon got to close to earth. It was freaky. Some of the other things I'm really afraid of are spiders, needles, and Doctor Who. I also don't like statues of angels. Or mars. Or the pandemic of 1918. Or the movie trailer for Contagion, and the movie trailer for 2012. Ok, I'm not as fearless as I make myself out to be. Another thing that freaks me out is the whole zombie thing. Whats so cool about evil dead people who want to eat your brains? Seriously, thats not cool at all.

 I really don't get whats so cool about zombies. I mean one minute everyone into vampires, then the next minute every one decides to be all into zombies. Why can't we all just be all excited about something that's actually cool, like Werewolves, or dragons, or Mothman for that matter. I think Mothman is freaky-er than zombies. And cool. Why do people suddenly change their minds about whats cool and whats not? Who decides what's cool? Why do they get to decide whats cool? For me: Wolves are cool, reading book's is cool, Dungeons & Dragons is really cool. Playing in a forest is way cool. Having sword fights is even cooler than that. (can you guess what I'm into?) I love adventuring! Have you ever wandered around a forest? It is so much fun. Especially if you pretend people are chasing you. I love doing that at my cousins house in the prairie.

  Some people tell me that I can't live my whole life in a book.They say that I have to see the world and be realistic, that I need to live in the real world and not in a book. I'm not going to live my whole life in a book. I'm Reading to explore the world right now, then when I can go places by my self, I'm going to explore the world for real. I'm going to see the world, see the people, see everything. I'm going to live were I want, be who I want do what I want. The government can't make me be a perfect little citizen who does everything exactly how they want me to and who is insignificant. I hate trying to be perfect. I want to be imperfect, I want to mess up, I want to be myself, because I only have one life to do it.Take that you perfectionists.  Gotta go now, thanks for reading! Bye, Bri π (Why do you think I picked Pi? 'Cause it's irrational. Duh)