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Sunday, January 22, 2012

ACKKK!! Lord Voldemort has the football!!!

I bet you are wondering why Lord Voldemort has a football, and why that is a bad thing. it's not really. Mama was watching football and she "Baltimore has the football" And JJ, Morgie and I were all down stairs watching TV. We all heard "Voldemort has the football!" We were very confused so we all said "Why does Voldemort have a football?" mama said "No, Baltimore has the football." That made more sense. We were less confused then. Now Morgie keeps telling people that Voldemort has the football.

 I have decided that if I have a secret party we really can't get into much mischief. I mean the  people I would possibly invite are all girls except maybe my cousin Blake. And really I would only invite, like, two people. Maybe Neg and Cookie and that's it. My party wouldn't be much of a party. There would be no boys (unless Blake comes) and three girls, maybe four if I invite Afriend. We really can't get into much mischief if there's only three of us, and were all mostly level headed. I mean, maybe we would booby trap the kitchen, and possibly steal some wiped cream from the kitchen. My party is sort of just a small get together. (Oh No!!!! Voldemort got the football again!!) A really small get together. I don't think my secret party would really get me in any trouble. I think my parents would be fine if I invited Neg and Cookie over while they were gone. Well Bye Bri π (By the way, Next time you guys go to a meet for a day, hint hint, maybe I could have Neg and Cookie over?)

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  1. Ok my meet was only half a day!!! And I thought you liked it!!!