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Friday, January 13, 2012

Continuation of the random conversations.

JJ: Seeing as how French people randomly break out into song and dance, obviously, we are French.
Bri: What?
JJ: We're French.
Bri: I already knew that.
JJ: No I mean we're more french.
Bri: I'm done speaking to you.

JJ: How do you want your eggs: Scrambled, sunny-side up, or over easy?
Sophie: Yes.
JJ: (starts gagging and coughing)
Sophie: Don't Kill your self! I'm not that funny!
Bri: (also starts gagging and coughing)
Sophie: Was it something I said?!?

JJ: Um Lady? (spots Lady's daughter running into theater)
Lady: Hmm? Oh, crap!
Mama: She was just going to see War Horse.
Lady: Oh is that what movie it is? Well, at least it's uplifting.

Cathy: usually I would put the most responsible in charge, But now I'm going to put the oldest in charge.
Kelcy: Wait, I'm not resposible? Who is the most responsible of all of us?
Cathy: That would probably be Bri.
Kelcy: Oh, thanks Mom!

Morgan: You are so not wierd.
JJ: oohh!You just got burned!
Morgan: See this apple? This apple is bigger than you.
JJ: Ooooohhhh! you just got sizzled and burned!
Bri: JJ, that doesn't make any sense.
JJ: OOOHHHH!! You just got sizzled, smoldered and burned!

Bri: Hey JJ, The bettle's don't taste like chicken.
JJ: Oh, ok... wait, what?
Bri: I said, the beetle's don't taste like chicken.
JJ: Uh, ok? 

Thank you for reading my random family conversations. Bye, Bri π

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  1. Two questions. 1: Why a I in all but one of those? and 2: Why do you like to make fun of me?