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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

reading in the car is really hard when your tierd.

 My dad got a bottle of soda and asked me to read the ingredients to him, because we were driving, so I did. I was tierd and so I could not make any sense of the words on the bottle. It looked like this: Cardioteb  mater, snuegr, Polyehmtoeds, yellwo 40, rbe 3,  hydrsic ciasd, lpoyrhesresds, oytxbeniserz, Hihg Rfutsoue conr syrpui Does this make sense to you? it did not make sense to me. It had all these really big words, like Pollymedopates, and hydropolic acids, and carbinated water. It was rather annoying. What the heck is a polymedopates anyway? I bet we could live with out it. Along with all that other stuff, like the Hihg  rfutsouce conr syrupi. Which is actually High fructose corn syrup.

Why use corn stuff when you could just use normal sugar? It does not make sense. I guess i probably would not make a very good CEO, cause I really don't care about the money as long as people are happy with there product. why can't people just get it to gether and not care about the money? It's just green strips of cotton paper that are useless. I also don't get why diamonds are so expensive. There just hard, clear rocks. Why are they so expensive? They don't do anything. They just sit there and take up space. why do we need stuff? Why can't we just live with out all that? Do we really need fancy gas guzzling cars? Why do we want this stuff? It doesn't do any thing. Do we really need shopping malls, resturant's, and walmarts? It just seems stupid. Whats the point in all of it? Why put up ugly, useless concrete buildings, instead of beautiful, natural, oxygen giving plant's? I will never understand normal people.  Bri π

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