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Monday, January 2, 2012

Spelunking under my bed.

Spelunking under a bed is not at all as fun as spelunking in a cave. In fact spelunking under a bed is harder than spelunking in a cave. Why was I spelunking under my bed? I was cleaning my room and it needed cleaning so I spelunked under my bed. I found lot's of things I thought I'd lost. I found my camp log from 2010, I found my old art book, I found Myst, the computer game. And I found my sisters cat. Not that she was lost, but I still found her under my bed. Then I had to get her out from under my bed because she was in my way. Now my room is almost clean I'm finishing it tomorrow.

I watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy for the first time. I know, I'm a little behind on watching ridiculously famous movies. Now I need to read the book. I think my favorite character is Legolas. He was so funny. (also he was played by Orlando Bloom, so...) I loved the part where he and the dwarf guy, uh, whats his name? Gimbly? I think that's his name. Any way Legolas and Gimbly are talking about which one of them killed more bad guys and Legolas say's he killed 42, and Gimbly's like "I killed 43!" then Legolas shoots the guy Gimbly is sitting on (who is already dead by the way) and then he says "43" then Gimbly said "he was already dead" and Legolas said, " he was twitching" I thought that was really funny. I need to go, Morgan is putting girl clothes on a boy barbie.   Bye, Bri π

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