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Monday, January 16, 2012

Just two months, and eighteen days!

Two months eighteen days is how long it's going to be before The Hunger Games comes out. I am so excited! I want to tell you my costume, but I don't want some one else to see it. I really am excited. We got the fabric, and a pattern for it. It's going to be awesome! I am so excited! Then I'm going to help Cookie make her costume, and, no, I'm not giving her's away either. I love designing costumes. It's so much fun. I wonder how many other people will be dressed up to? One time I went to see one of the Twilight movies and one person had dressed up as a Voltourie. (Is that how you spell it?) I am pretty excited to see it. I really hope it's better than Percy Jackson. That movie was really bad. I mean, It was so cheesy, and not even a good cheesy. It was really, well, I thought it was pretty stupid. I mean, The didn't even have Clarisse, How are they going to have a second movie with out Clarisse? Or Thalia? I mean come on. They had a scene about Thalia, and what did they do? They cut it out! Seriously, they cut it out! Grrrrr.

  I like Phineas and Ferb. Last night we were watching the new episode, Excaliferb. It was really funny. Mostly because of all the Lord of the Rings spoofs. I cracked up multiple times. It was kind of like a mix between King Arthur and Lord of the Rings. It was really funny. I think my favorite part was were they brought out Baljetalas. That cracked me up. I also liked the lady of the puddle. He he. It moslty made me laugh because I was watching Merlin, a little bit before that, and I had watched The entire Lord of the Rings trilogy just a few weeks ago. I am going to go now, Bye Bri π

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