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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I have been bodiced. (sort off)

For the play I'm doing I have to wear a bodice. The bodice in question, doesn't fit me right, so we had to take it apart to make it fit me. When I first put it on, it didn't squish me at all. (For those of you who don't know, bodices are supposed to squish you.) Then we took part of it off, and it still didn't fit me, so then we took another part off so now it squishes me a little. For my part in the play, I am a gypsy stranger who makes a bargain and does an Irish jig. My costume makes a lot of noise though so I am going to make the stage manager very happy. but, hey I'm a gypsy, and gypsy's like jingly, dangle-y, colorful stuff. I quite like my costume. It's fun. And me and my mom made it. Which makes it even better.

  I am sad. We don't have any milk. because we don't have milk, I can't have a good breakfast. I need milk at breakfast or else everything tastes weird. I don't know why, that's just how my mouth works. Remember how I was reading The Fellowship of the Ring? well, I got distracted by a different book, which led me to be distracted by another book, which led me back to The Fellowship of the Ring, and I don't remember what's happened. So now the story's kind of confusing. I don't like being confused. It happens a lot. Grrr. Now I'm thirsty. Why can't we just go to the store and get the stupid milk?! I mean, it's right down the street! Shme.
 Well bye for now, Bri π


  1. What play are you in? What's a bodice? As in the top part of a dress?

  2. I am in Blather, Blarney, & Balderdash. A bodice, the kind I have to wear, Is sort of like a corset. Bri.