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Friday, January 27, 2012

My favorite stone.

I have a favorite stone, what's yours? (No this isn't a silly poem about my favorite rock. That's for later) Mine is Tiger's eye. It's... hard to explain the beauty of Tiger's eye. you kinda have to see it to know what it looks like because pictures don't do it justice. It's a semi precious stone, and it's just beautiful. I have two Tiger's eye stones. recently I discovered they have a band of hematite on the one, making them magnetic. I have a hematite stoone too. I have a rock colection. I have Pyrite, amethyst, geodes, volcanic glass, quartz, hematite, turquoise,  lot's that I don't know what they are, and then my tiger's eye. It is just so pretty. if you ever get the chance to see one definitly look at it, it is really pretty. I like that the bands change how ever you look at them. I don't know how they do it but it's just gorgerous. I love Tiger's eye. It has all these various bands of gold and brown, light and dark. It is just so pretty. I love it. It isn't transparent or sparkley, but it is just amazing. I love Tiger's eye. You should comment what your favorite stone is. And no the Blarney Stone does not count. I'm talking any stone from the ground, precious or non precious. If it's your favorite stone tell me.

Happy Friday. Yesterday was Australia day. Along with my aunt's birthday. I was sad last night. I wanted to watch Sherlock Holmes, but It has dissapeared. So sad. I have been wanting to watch it since I went and saw the new one. I don't know where it is. sad. :( I really want to see it even if it freaks me out. I don't like the dead guy in the coffin. Blech, so gross.But i still want to watch it. It's funny. Last night I ran out of Leverage. But, Daddy made it record so I have to wait for it like normal people. Not fun at all.   Um...... I don't know what to say now so I am going to go eat break fast and take a shower cause i'm gross and I 'm hungery. Bye Bri π 

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