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Saturday, January 28, 2012

profesional doodles.

I'm going to enter the doodle 4 google contest. I already have my doodle I juts need to make it better. For one thing, my person looks flat, and another thing her hand looks like a cheery. I need to fix her flatness, the cheery and also her weird butt. and her short legs. and the cat. I just need to re draw it all together. I'm going to use JJ for a model, because she does not have short legs, a cherry for a hand, or a weird butt. She is also not flat. she is third dementional. Yay for JJ, your three dimensional. I hope that's a good thing.  I hope I win . The winner get's a scholarship to a collage of there choice. So I really hope I get it. Later to day is Noah's birthday party. Were pretty excited. I have no clue what I'm getting him. I'll figure it out later. The family safety thing is driving me nut's again. It keeps covering up my followers thing, and it wont let me on my friends blog. It is so annoying. At least it actually lets me on my blog now. But it's still annoying. I don't know what to say now so.... Bye Bri π (te he, Pi)


  1. Oh, cool!!!!!! How do you enter the contest? Is it free? I might be interested in entering, if so.

  2. I am not 3d!!! I am 4d!!!
    You can touch me!!!

    1. are you inviting people to touch you? You shouldn't do that.

    2. No I am saying... wait who are you?!?