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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stupid Cat.

I couldn't sleep last night. I don't know why.  I finally got to sleep at like, six A.M. Then some one had to go and open my door. That's when the cats got in. Mia, the smaller one, was at the ladder of my bed, trying to figure out how to get up on my bed. So of course she had to be as loud as possible about it. She kept talking at me. "MEOW! MERRER! BRRRRR!" I was really tired, and trying to ignore her but she wouldn't shut up! Then talus, the bigger one, came and was trying to eat my plant's or something. After he left Mia Tried to jump onto my bed, failing to do so, she fell on my angry bird, who i had thrown of my bed for being loud in the first place, And he started screaming! I guess this is the universes way of saying, "You are not aloud to sleep in on Thursdays" Well, thank you universe. You are being a great help.

After I ate breakfast, I grabbed the kitten and threw her on my bed. I told her, "You wanted on my bed, and you woke me up. You are now on my bed, so shut up!" and what did she do? She growled at me. That, in my opinion, is not shutting up. That is in fact the opposite of shutting up. So now I am really tired and annoyed at the cats. I have to go cut glass today. Meh. I am reading The Hound of the Baskervilles. I used to think it was called The Hounds of Bakersville. I thought that it was about dogs that haunted a town of bakers. But it is not. It is about Sherlock Holmes, and a family that is being (suposedly) haunted by an evil ghost dog. Actually it's not that bad once you get into it. I am actually enjoying reading it. I need to go take a shower now. Bye Bri π

P.S. I feel like giving a Dare of the Day. (This is a tribute to Neg's blog, Marvelous in Our Eyes.)
  The dare is, Go to a public place dressed like a historical figure. This has not been tested, but assumed safe. Try it! Bri π

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