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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Book Review: Witch & Wizard by James Patterson. Rated: PG.

What would happen, if the government took away your freedoms? Your music, your books, your movies, even your imagination.  This happens when a new political party called the New Order or the N.O. The N.O. takes anyone who shows any imagination, rebellion, creativity, or magic and puts them in jail, where they are tortured and tested on. Whit and Whisty are all these things and more; they are creative, imaginative, and rebellious. And apparently they are magical. They are taken to a special prison, and now they have to survive because they are the ones who are going to save the world from the N.O.

 It is a good book about paying attention to politics even though you are just a kid, and that even though we are small we are majorly powerful (even if we don’t have super powers) We have the power to change the world. I really liked this book; Whit and Whisty are very awesome characters. Very thrilling, and exciting.

 In the middle of the night Whit and Whisty get kidnapped by N.O. police. They are tortured, and tested on (you don’t read about what happens only that they are) they escape jail (which is a very good thing) there are beasts called lost-ones, which are basically zombies with deteriorating flesh. The rebels are constantly bombed, some children are vaporized, starved, beaten, and tazored. There is only one or two swear words, mostly just God.
About ten or eleven would be good to read this. Good for people who like rebellion stories, magic, and fantasy, along with action adventure fans.  Very thrilling, exciting book, a regular James Patterson teen book. I loved the kid power thing that happens in this book. (some times I wonder if James Patterson just really doesn't like doctors or scientists, because a lot of his kids books involve evil doctors) Thanks for reading, Bri π
 Rated PG, for disturbing images, minor swearing.

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