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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A slang dictionary.

My lesson in Language arts was talking about how we can't use slang in a formal setting. If we did then no one would know what were talking about. So I am going to make a sort of slang dictionary with a definition of the word as a slang word and it's original meaning (if I can find it)

Ripped off.- to have some thing taken from you, to be tricked out of some thing.
Cute- Pretty, nice.
Cool- Good, Original meaning: cold.
Hot-  often referring to the looks of a man or woman of whom one has affections for. Original meaning: very warm, 
Dude- A person, often a man.
Bro- A person, often a man. Derived from brother.
Chick- A woman or girl. original meaning: A young bird.
Yeah- yes. Derived from yes.
Awesome- very good. Original meaning: amazing, to have awe at some thing.
Sick- fun, good. original meaning: to be ill.
Sucks- bad, horrible. Original meaning: to create a vacume and use it to make things go were you want them to.
Like-  a word overly used to show emphasis, Original meaning: A comparison.
These were some of the one's I could come up with. We use a lot of slang language. I wonder why? I bet it's different from the slang British people use, or Germans use. It is deffinitly different from the language people used twenty years ago. Bye Bri π


  1. Language is a very interesting subject. It's a significant problem for evolutionists too. I think it's important to understand some of the older words, at least enough to understand old books and things like that. Good job with your blog! It's so fun to get to read your blog and comment on it, then you read my blog and comment on it! P.S. We need to get together sometime, it's been forever!

    1. Heck yeah we do! oh! I just came up with more slang. See ya'll, and Heck yeah. Thanks Meg!

    2. Yeah it has been to long. What more slang Bri?

    3. In the east they say something is "wicked" - as in wicked fast, wicked cold - they mean extremely, but really wicked means something more like evil or bad.