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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Book review: Watch the Skies, by James Patterson. Rated: PG-13.

**WARNING: Watch the Skies is a sequel to The Dangerous Days of Daniel X, this review may contain spoilers. Please proceed with caution.**
 Daniel X is in a really weird small town, even weirder than most small towns. It might be because Alien Outlaw number 5  is lose, and it has big plans to turn this town into It's next TV show. Whats so bad about that? Well, because as the finale, the cast gets vaporized. Nice guy, right? Daniel is going to stop this guy before he can  finish his TV show. Oh, and did I mention this town is just the Pilot episode?

  I, liked this book as much as I liked the other one, a lot. The characters are majorly funny, it's very exciting and fast paced, and it's a good adventure story. One of the things in the book I found interesting was one of the villains powers was he could take over your TV, iPod's, computers, anything electronic. It made me stop and think for a minute when I went to grab my iPod. In the book Daniel talks about how we call it "The information Age", he calls it "The Sit-On-Your-Butt-And-Let-Someone-Else-Do-Your-Thinking Age" I liked how the author put that. I not-so subtle hint that maybe we should do something more interesting than sit in front of a computer/TV/iPod/etc. Like read his books perhaps? (among other things)

This book got a good helping of gross. There is gut's, alien spawn, people being turned into puddles of goo, and lots of other things. When Number five gets done with some of his cast members he vaporizes them, leaving a puddle of goo that other aliens then drink.  Daniel and his friends kill aliens in various and gross ways, they some of the aliens are rubbery and strech, so they tie them to something and let go, causing the alien to explode. They also jump on aliens to squish them which also end in a large mess. And I found this one in the children section too!

 So good book, but not for kids under, maybe twelve depending on how sensitive they are to guts and stuff like that. This would be good for people who enjoy science fiction, Action/Adventure, and James Patterson books. It's a pretty hard core book, so don't take my warnings lightly. I would  not read it if you are uncomfortable with anything gross, I.e blood, vomit, gut's, frog/fish aliens, people turning into goo, aliens drinking people goo, things of that genera. This has been my review, thanks for reading, Bri π
Rated: PG-13, for disturbing images, mild blood and gore, Sci Fi action/violence.

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