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Friday, December 16, 2011

Why Noah isn't a total nut case.

I could give you a long version with scientific words and stuff like that but I'm just going to go with the simple answer. My cousin Noah likes to pretend that marvel heroes exist (sometimes I think, he thinks there real). you know, Gambit, Wolverine, Spider-man, Angel, Captain America, Iron Man, people like that. Sadly these people do not exist. If you got bit by a radio active spider, one of two things would happen. One, you would end up as a pathetic, radioactive freak, or two, you would die. Not great options. Same with the Hulk. And for Captain America, How would you make a super skinny guy become all big and tough? Steroids? Well I guess that could happen  And although some super heroes could exist, (Iron man, Hawkeye, Black widow, Maybe in the future, Captain America) most are just fiction. With the exception of the x men (in general not Storm and Nightcrawler or Cyclops). Mutants do exist. Most mutants just have, like, two heads or extra limbs and appendages. they can't make weather change or shoot lasers from there eyes or anything like that. But they can make things catch on fire, use echolocation, eat metal, and make metal stick to their body's. Some can even (supposedly) speak telepathically with animals. This is a tribute to you, Noah.

I am going to try to explain the science of super heroes. Yeah, yeah I know what your saying. Your saying every scientist and there mother has already done this and I am just a kid. What do I know? Well I know how to use Google, I can tell you that. I also understand some basics of genetics, zoology, and general science. I am also pretty good with human anatomy. I know what I'm talking about, mostly. So anyway, here we go.

You know how bats use echolocation to fly through the night sky with out killing themselves? Well, Ben Underwood could use echolocation. He used it to Skate bored,  play basket ball, Rollerblade, and do lots of other things. Oh, and did I mention he was blind? When he was three Ben had a kind of cancer that caused him to lose his sight. At age five he learned how to use echolocation. He could do everything a sighted person could do, he just had to make a clicking noise with his tongue. Ben died in 2009 from the same cancer that led him to have his amazing gift.

Wouldn't it be cool to talk to a lion? Animal behaviorist Kevin Richardson does just that. Because he understands lion body language he can communicate with the big cats. He can play with them, cuddle with them, even sleep in the same pen with them. The animals completely except him. He can do it with other animals too. Cheetahs, Leopards, even Hyenas will allow him to play with them. This isn't exactly a super power although it could come in handy if you live in Africa. It's not telepathy, but it's pretty cool anyway.

There a whole heck of a lot less cocky than The Human Torch, but Buddhist monks all over the world can make things catch on fire simply by touching them. They can control there body temperature through meditation and can raise the temperature of there fingers by seventeen percent. They can boil water with their hands and make soccer balls burst into flames spontaneously.  They use this ability to live in very cold climates. Scientists are thinking of having the monks show astronauts how to do this.

These are just three of the many kinds of 'Powers' people have. Although scientists are experimenting in human/animal hybridization, it is unlikely that they will end up making Wolverine or Maximum Ride or Captain America. The plans for this is to make animals with Human body parts so that we can have spare parts. They have made Sheep with human kidneys and hearts, Mice with human brains(creepy right?, and pigs with human blood. I think these experiments are quite interesting. Don't worry, experiments gone wrong mostly just happen in movies and books and such. We are not going to be attacked by werewolves or genetically modified apes, or children with wings. that is were the real science fiction is. I sugest doing some reserch into it, I think you might find it interesting too. Thanks for reading, Bri π

Information found in Google searches.

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