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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oh, Let me explain what I am doing right as I do it!

So recently I've been reading the Uncanny X-men like the first ones and such and I've noticed some things that I find funny. First of, why do the X-men need to explain what they are doing as there doing it? wouldn't it just be quicker to get it over with then talk? Like, cyclops is all like "Oh I am going to shoot you with my laser beam! Let me open my visor to shoot you with my laser beam! I have opened my visor and am shooting you with my laser beam!" he didn't say that exactly, but it's pretty close to what he said. Second thing, in the first two uncanny X-men Cyclops's name is Slim but then it randomly changes to Scott in the third one. Did anyone but me notice this? Why did they change his name with no explanation? I'm not being mean I just think it's kind of funny.

 Yesterday I got the Maximum Ride graphic novels. I think it's cool that the artist is Korean. I already finished all three of them so now I need the fourth one. And the fifth one and the sixth one. Well really I just need all of them. OK Just might not belong in that sentence. Oh well.  I wonder what I'll get for Christmas. I hope it's something cool.  Like a dagger. My dream dagger has a ten inch long blade, made of my own made up metal called crystal silver (it's a titanium, silver, and diamond hybrid) it would have a hilt made from deer antler carved in the shape of a wolf's head. Why? Because it would be awesome! At least I didn't say it would be made out of, like, Andomantium or Vibranium or something like that. It's a metal I made up. So, what should I talk about now? Uh I can't think of anything so, Bye Bri π

P.S. Ok explanation for why Cyclops is both Slim and Scott. Slim is his nickname. My mom told me.  Are you less confused now? I sure am.

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