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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy birthday! (to me)

Yep, it is in fact my birthday! To night I shall go on stage for the play and sing and dance and steal peoples apples. this morning I woke up and came down stairs to check my email, I turned on my computer and what popped up? My iTunes. I quickly checked my email, then turned of my computer. I didn't know if I was supposed to see that. So I went and did school work on the Ipad. But then it acured to me, that if they had wanted me to see that latter, they would have made up some excuse for me to not get on my computer and check my email. So I got back on my computer, did some proof reading, And now I am Writing to you from the computer.  I think they were trying to surprise me with it. I was definitely surprised when I turned on my computer and my iTunes was on, especially since I haven't turned it on since Sunday. I still am not telling you what I'm getting until later. Once I have it I will tell you. But you will just have to wait.

 NaNoWriMo is over. I did not reach my goal of 5K words. I got to, Um.. Let's see, 36,000 and some odd. I was 14000 of. Now for the Thank-goodness-it's-over party. It was really fun. Now to prepare for my Script Frenzy script. It's going to be about all my weird games. Bob the Bunny, the Pajama detectives, The Rabid carnivorous herbivore, all that fun stuff. And I'm going to enlist JJ to help me. It should be fun. We have to right 100 pages, so that's 50 pages each. That'll be easy. I am pretty excited, JJ has agreed to do it. I bet it'll be really fun!  I need to do some school work even though it's my birthday, Bye Bri!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!