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Sunday, December 25, 2011

My very interesting Christmas.

 Ok so my Christmas started at 6:00. I got up and went out to the living room, were my sister's were playing with there Santa stuff. I looked through my Santa stuff. I found these bouncy balls that light up when you bounce them. I went and bounced them on the floor. Unfortunately it was really loud. It made a loud BANG song. Well three loud BANG noises. This woke up my parents who did not want to be woken up. They woke up and we all hade breakfast. Then we Opened our presents. I got a new shirt, some fancy socks, a cute scarf, some little animal figurines, a new stuffed animal, and then my last present... was a piece of paper. But on the piece of paper said, ask daddy to show you his phone, we love you!! I asked daddy to show me the phone and he showed me a picture of Nana with a loft bed. Wait a sec, a LOFT BED?!?! I LOVE LOFT BEDS!! It is MY loft bed, and my Papa made it for me! It's not done yet but it will be later. I am so excited, I have wanted a loft bed for ever!! I even got to pick out the finish stuff. It's Red Oak. I am so excited. Oh wait, I already said that. But it's true!

  Mama opened her brick (it was a photography field guide) JJ and Morgan opened all their presents. Later while Daddy was playing a video game, The power went out. Then it came back on, then it went back out. It was a little freaky. Because the stove is electric we couldn't make Green bean casserole. So we went to Nana and Papa's house early. We played out side while Mama made food. JJ and I did some animal tracking. We found fox, dog, and people tracks (those were the easiest) When My aunts and uncles got there we opened presents, I got two Barnes and Noble gift cards, a book about Pirates of the Caribbean, and an Angery Birds stuffed animal. It was pretty funny.

Later while Belle was playing with Justin's iPhone, Papa found her playing with it and thought it was mine so he put it in my bag. I went to get my book and i found an iPhone that was not mine. I went into the dinning room and said "This was in my bag and it's not mine" Justin said "Bri, you don't have to lie about it, just admit you tried to steal my iPhone" I started to defend myself that it was in my bag and i didn't put it there but justin said he was just teasing. He knew Belle had had it, and we thought she had put it in my bag. But actually it had been Papa. Papa said Belle did it.

When I told every one i had a loft bed and Mama said it disassembled right now, I of course, had to say "Assembly begins in May" Mama said "I hope not, that's a long time." Then I said "Assembly begins in May, but the Games begin in March." (If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm talking about The Avengers movie and the Hunger Games movie. you know, Avengers assemble? Let the games begin? Oh, Never mind) Anyway my mom got it. Well, I need to go, Bye, Bri π

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