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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Felices Ferias!

Happy holidays in Latin! Today I made cookies with my mom and sisters. We made mint chocolate chip and butter scotch chocolate chip cookies. I haven't had any yet but I bet they'll taste really good. Then i had Philly cheese steak hot pockets for lunch. and it tasted really good. Although now my tongue is a little burned. But it was worth it. Mia And Talus tried to steal my Hot pocket. Mia was licking cookie dough of the floor. It was funny. Tomorrow is Christmas! It's practically here! I, however, am not plotting to sneak into a village and steal everything Christmas-y. Nor am I going to tie horns on my dogs heads. I am planning to wake up early, play with my stuff in my Stocking, then after my parents wake up, we'll open up our other presents. Later we're gonna go to our Grandparents house an d do stuff there. Thats all for now, By Bri π

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