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Thursday, December 15, 2011

well that sucks.

If you are wondering exactly what sucks, here is the answer. I am sick, again. I also lost my voice, again. That is great because I have to sing at church Saturday night.  Yay. I really hate being sick, although, truthfully I don't know any one who doesn't. I don't actually know what to say now. Um.... Papa Lee is coming to town. He's going to come, next week I think? ugh, my hands are really dry. I need to put some lotion on. (pauses to put lotion on) There, much better! except now the keys are all slippery. This lotion smells weird. It's a good thing that i don't need to do anything important with my hands at the moment, because the lotion doesn't come of if you wash your hands. Now I'm just blabbering about lotion. That can't be particularly interesting.  Umm, what would be more interesting? uhhh...........

Let me think. Last night i had to cook and i forgot the macaroni. but then i fixed it by making macaroni. I didn't realize that the macaroni i got were to different kinds of mac and cheese. My mom went to get some and said "Uh, Bri, whats wrong with the macaroni?" I looked and it was wrinkled. i looked at the box and saw that the macaroni was different, one was regular, and one was spiral. It did look pretty funny. Well I don't know what to say now, so bye Bri!

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