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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy winter solstice, now prepare for the last year of earth.

 Every one knows in one year the world will end. So fun. Aperantly the Mayans are going to send there evil gods after us. Lovely. I wonder what this "Mayan god" is going to do with us?  You know the problem with this? well God said specifically that nobody will know when the end will come. So it won't come next year on my uncles birthday. So take that you Mayans! And your silly gods! Why would the Mayans gods squish us? I don't know.

 And now that we are done with the Mayans, What should I talk about? Um, so it's three and a half days till Christmas.  I am pretty excited I got my pets some stuff. I got for Callie a rubber tug toy. I got Eleanora a duck. I got Mia a wobble toy. I got Talus a Cat puzzle. I would tell you what I got my family but they read this. My mom says I got her a brick because what I got her is really heavy and is rectangular. It's not really a brick it just looks and feels like one. I'm telling the truth I promise. Really

 We are shopping tonight. Well me and my dad are. I need to get one last present. my dad needs to get some presents. I Hope we go to Micheals. I  like that store.  I should probably go because we are watching a christmas movie. Byr Bri π

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