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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

how to do math, by Bri Pi

I need to get better at explaining things, so I am going to  (try to at least) explain how to do algebra. First let me think of a problem. Ok i got one. 20 - 3x = 25. Now I am going to explain how to do it. Hopefully I did this right.

The problem is  3x-20  =25, so what we do first is get rid of the twenty. To get rid of it we have to cancel it out by adding 20.  But we have to add twenty to both sides or else they will be uneven and the problem will make no sense.
So no the problem has become 3x=45.  Now we need to get rid of the 3.
To do this we do the opposite of multiplying. This would be dividing.
So we must do 3/25, which equals, 15.
Thus the answer is x = 15.

 Now for a new problem. 17 +3x= 32    first we need to get rid of the 17, so we subtract it from the entire thing on both sides. so we will end up with 17- 17 + 3x = 32-17
                                                                       3x= 15.
  now we need to get rid of the three. so we divide 15 by 3 and get 5. The answer is x = 5.  The variable (thats what the X is called) doesn't have to be an x by the way. It can be anything you want. It can be y, r, ☻, ♀, @, ■, or any thing else you want. :)

  Now I'm going to give you some to do by your selves.

 1. 3x - 2  =49

  2. 8 + 5x = 38.

  3 7x - 9 = 19

 I will put the answers on in a little bit.  Bri Pi. Don't do the math, I was wrong, Ignore this whole thing. *sigh* I hate math.
OK we figured it out. My math was right, I wrote the questions backwards. This is were the curse of dyslexia happens. 


  1. THESE ARE THE ANSWERS, DO NOT LOOK!!!!! ( until you are done that is)

    1. x = 17

    2. x = 6

    3. x = 4

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  3. STUPID CALCULATOR!!!!!! It was wrong!! I checked them with a calculator!!!! ARGH!!!!

  4. At least one of my problems are right.