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Monday, January 14, 2013

Tips on Casting a Book Character With Out Having Rabid Fans Rip Off Your Face

So you must know the feeling. Your favorite book is finally becoming a movie! Your just really excited and waiting for the casting. Finally, they've casted the male lead and... he looks like a thirty year old creeper. Your hopes for the movie plummet completely. How did they come up with him to play a sixteen year old boy? Honestly it makes  no sense. You just want to go up to the casting director and punch them in the face for what they have done. And I would come with you gladly.

Ok, so because I really don't want to have to threaten the lives of any more directors, Here are tips from the fans on how not to get murdered for your poor casting choices.

1. Get as close to the actual age as possible, or choose an actor/actress who looks the age.
2. If they look like a creeper, cast someone else.
3. Being British doesn't solve everything.
4. Listen to the fans.
5. Listen to the author.
6. Do not take out charachters that are important to plot lines later
7. Be extremely careful when picking out the heart throb of the book. You may have your face rearranged if you fail.
8. No matter who you cast except that someone will hate your guts and send you nasty letters.
9. When choosing a bad girl cheerleader, yes short skirts, no see through lace dress.
10. Be very, very, very careful in general. Fan girls are unstable creatures. Do not anger them.

Thank you for listening, Bye! Bri π

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