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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weird ipad apps.

So last night my parents were playing with the cats. With the i Pad. Seriously, there is a cat play app. For your cat. And that got me thinking, what other apps are there that don't make a whole lot of sense? Just to list a few:
1. Bed rabbit app. This is a dancing app you lay the i Pad on your bed, then you start dancing and jumping, (Have we learned nothing from "no more monkey jumping on the bed?) It then rates how you did.
2.The  Pocket girl app. It's an app that lets guys have a fake girl friend on their phone. I think it's stupid and kind of sexist. Hey guys how would you feel if we went walking around with fake boy friends on our phones?
3. The chocolate app. It's a virtual box of chocolates. I bet they taste virtually great!
4.The Hold on! app. This apps entire purpose is to see how long you can hold on to a virtual button. Very useful.
5.The Friskeys cat fishing app. This app is a cat game. You turn it on near a kitty, and a virtual fish pops up. Every time you tap it it changes color and goes faster. If your cat makes it through all the levels, the i Pad tells them they won. (Cats can't read!)
So, these are very weird apps. That's all for today bye, Bri!


  1. wow there are a lot of dumb and useless apps!!!!!

  2. Those are some weird apps. And your parents are silly ;)

    Content seems good. I see several punctuation errors - apostophes, commas, and a question in need of a question mark. I will send your mom the places I think there should be edits.

    Also, it would be helpful if you would go back and correct your posts, so we can see if you are catching things.