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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Take the Bri Quiz, how much are you like Bri?

How much are you like Bri? find out!
1) What is your favorite color, a. Blue, b.Purple, c. Pink!
2) Which is your favorite kind of art? A. drawing, b)statues, c) I don't like art all that much.
3) Which is a fake scientific name? a. felis lupus b. felis roufus, c. what is a scientific name?
4) What is your favorite animal?  A. ALL of them! b. Mostly dog like things, c. Ewww!! Animals are nasty!
5) Can you sing? A. yep! b. kinda, c, nope, I sound like a cat.
6) Do cats like you? a. sometimes, b. nope c. yes, cats love me!
7) If your parents surprised you with a trip to discovery cove how would you react?  a. calm excitement, b. very happy, c. screams of joy!
8) Who is your favorite book character? a. Katnis Everdreen. b. Allie Finkle, c. Sophie the awesome
9) How much do you read? a. book a day! b. book every two days, c. book a month.
10) Do you love, a. zoology! b. botany, c. physics!!!
 Mostly A's, you are just like Bri! you are a good singer and love animals!
 Mostly B's, you are kind of like Bri. You are more into plants and less reading.
Mostly C's, you are not at all like Bri, you hate animals and love physics. Worst of all you love (gulp) PINK!
 Please comment your results, I want to see how many doppelgangers I have. ;)
(I am Bri and I approve this message)


  1. I am just like you. I hope that is a good thing.
    JJ <3

  2. I got 8 A's, 1 D (I REALLY don't know who they are), and 1 B.