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Sunday, September 18, 2011

My cousin, the princess.

 Hello, its me again. A few months ago I went on vacation to Disney world. On the way I saw a sign that said Princeton Elizabeth-town. Dyslexic me thought it said princess Elizabeth-town. I have a cousin named Elizabeth and she wants to be a princess. I guess she got her wish.

My computer is mean to me. It decided to lock me out of my blog. I'm not kidding! I wanted to look at my blog and the parent/family thingies blocked it! Really? I mean I wrote the thing, its not going to have any thing inappropriate in it. Grrr. I will have to make my dad fix that.

I wish it wasn't so cold outside. Wasn't it in the hundreds like, a week ago? Missouri has weird weather. One day its warm, the next its cold, then its warm again. Why cant it just be warm all the time? I personally would prefer this. In winter it's to cold, and in summer it's to hot. Well bye, Bri!
 P.S. Grrr! Now it won't let me preview my blog! Stupid computer!

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