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Saturday, February 11, 2012

I need a Katniss doll!!

The hunger games is going to have action figures of Katniss, Peeta, and Gale, and I need a Katniss doll. Then I can make a funny video were Katniss and Bella (I have a Bella Swan doll) argue about which movie/book is better (obviously Katniss will win) That would be so funny! Maybe I'll post it on here if I get it done. I need the Katniss doll first. And I don't know when it comes out. You know what would be cool too? A hunger games video game! That would be so cool, It would be awesome if you got to make your own character And choose the Arena! that would be so cool!! Sorry, I know I'm being obsessed. The movie comes out in like, forty some odd days!! I am so excited! I'm going to go make my costume tomorrow. Still not telling because then you will steal my idea, and that would not be fun. Last night I went to the midnight release party for Breaking dawn part 1. Not Worth It. At all. We did nothing. I didn't even get cake. :( The best part was that I got a book about the hunger games movie. That was the highlight of the entire thing. Two girls next to me were discussing how hot Peeta is. I thought that was funny. And one girl was giving away the ending to another girl who hadn't read it!! I was like, dude, ya don't do that! It's called spoiling, and it ruins everything. Now you destroyed the excitement of not knowing. Nice job crushing your friends dreams of mystery. Then there was a video about the people but I couldn't here what was happening because everyone was talking. I did hear one person say "I am team Edward, because Jacob doesn't sparkle!" I thought that was funny. I'm boerd, Bye Bri π

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