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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The cat in the box.

 Imagine there's a cat locked in a box. And you don't know if this cat is alive or dead because you aren't looking at it. so because you aren't looking at it the cat is alive and dead. Weird huh? the thing is, if you are trying to observe something, say your dog, you no what the dog does when you are watching it and it see's you, right? It sits on the porch looking at you. when it doesn't see you it plays in the yard. but when you aren't watching it, you don't know what it's doing. it could be playing in the yard, or sitting on the porch, it might even be dancing the hula. you don't know. So apparently, since you don't know, the dog is sitting on the porch, playing in the yard, and dancing the hula, all at the same time. Because watching something changes what it does. always. you can put up a camera and it will still change, it might not see you it will still change. the only thing that will know what it is doing is the thing you want to observe. so until you look it is doing everything, until you look, which then it just does one thing. (Ack! It totally proves the weeping angel thing! be afraid)

I guess this make it so that if  my sister was in the basement, she might eat an apple, the she might read a book, she might watch some TV. Since I'm not watching her, she could be reading a book, eating an apple and watching TV all at the same time. I don't know until I open the door and look at her. watching something always makes it act differently. remember that cat from the beginning? well it's been in that box for, like seventy years, and it's still dead and alive because no one has opened that box. so the cat will stay dead and alive for however long the box stays closed. But, does the cat die because you opened the box, or did it become alive when you open the box? (that didn't make any sense) what I  mean is because you opened the box the cat changed from being dead and alive, to being dead or alive. So you caused the cat to be dead or alive because you looked at it. Really you can never know exactly what something is doing even when you watch it, because it will always change when you look at it. This theory is called Schroeder's Cat. It's a physics thought experiment no one has actually left a cat in a box for over seventy years. But it's a good question. Is the cat dead or alive? Dunno. Sorry this is so confusing, my dad was explaining it in the car, usually I don't like physics but he said cat, so... Any way, If I needed to cite my sources, My Dad, Wikipedia, Google, and my physics books: The little book of scientific principles, theories, & things. also a really cool physics book I can't find right now. Since this made, like, no sense what so ever go Google it. Schroeder's Cat. Bye Bri π
P.S. Daddy, I cited my sources!!! Ta-da!! And this didn't make as much sense as what you told me, sorry.

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  1. Hmm, I've never really put a whole lot of thought into this. Interesting. :)