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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Sorry I haven't posted recently, I have been at my cousins house for the last three day's.  I don't have internet there, well I can get internet there but i didn't know that. So..... I'm making my costume, we have most of the parts cut out, but some of them are still uncut. I need to go read the directions. Ya know what I need? I need jenifer napp on my iPod. i will have to find that. My phone went dead, so I can't check my messages, Sad. Ummm......... I'm going back over to there house on Thursday. To continue with my costume. My little cousin nephi told me I'm his girl friend. then he said that his sister Fall is his girl friend. Weird. The other night my cousins were being really loud while I was trying to sleep so I yelled "Shut up and eat your Cookie!" they stopped talking and laughed. Blake said "Wow. You would make such a responsible mom" I was all like "Yep that's me, Miss responsible mom," So now when ever we get on each other's nerves we yell, Shut up and eat your cookie! It's pretty awsome. I don t' know what to say now, so Bye Bri π

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