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Friday, February 10, 2012

Foxes as pets.

Some people don't understand how the Russian silver fox experiment works. The foxes were bred specifically to be tame. They were trained to absolutely love people. They are not wild animals anymore. They are pets. These foxes are actually a better pet than some dogs, aside from the smell. These foxes do not bite unless tortured, or extremely provoked. they are even less of a threat to people than dogs. They can eat non-grain dog food (with added veggie's) they are good with children, dog's, and cats. If around cat's they are even smart enough to use the litter box from a cat's actions. .  I am going to write about the pro's and Con's of having a Russian silver fox.

It does not prove evolution to be right, in fact it show's us that God made animals with the potential of becoming human companions. To care for the foxes you need a place for them to sleep, they can live outside or inside, if inside they like to snuggle with you like a cat. you can use a kennel, as long as they aren't in the kennel at all times. The foxes enjoy walking on leashes and playing. the foxes can eat either caned dog food or non grain dog food with extra veggies and fruit. (no tomatoes or potatoes) They like carrots and cabbage, and should eat about a pound of food a day. Foxes should be brushed regularly during molting season, as with most dog's and cats. They need to go to a vet regularly also as with dog's and cat's. they can use a litter box, and learn from seeing people and animals. If you have a dog or a cat the fox would pick up the habits of either animal.

 There are things that are bad about the foxes. For one thing they are pretty expensive. They can be up to seven thousand dollars, minimum of about four thousand. There is paper work you have to sign, and permits you need to get, law's to obey and check.  The foxes are smelly. The foxes are still considered exotic pets, even though they are domestic. You can not breed the foxes, or sell the foxes. If you wish to get rid of the fox you have to contact the scientists. You do not get to meet the foxes unless you go to Russia.

 I think that a fox would make a great pet, if I had the money to get one. They are not to be used as guard animals. I would love to have a pet fox as a companion, maybe when I win American Idol and become rich and famous :) Then I can have a fox, and My mom can have an Austin martin. Bye Bri π

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