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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Neither of us is driving to Canada?

So I was doing my language arts and I was answering a question, the question was, which of these statements are correct: Neither of us are driving to Canada or neither of us is driving to Canada. I went with the one that sounds right, the first one. And it said "sorry wrong answer" Uhhh... so people is driving to Canada? really, Didn't  know that. Strange. So apparently the one that sound dumb is the right one. Nice job computer. Hey, this has nothing to do with incorrect home work, but would any one happen to know the pro's and con's of bleaching your hair? I want to dye my hair bright blue but to do that I will have to bleach it, because my hair is mouse brown. I just want to know stuff like does it hurt, what helps heal hair after you bleach it, how long it leaves other color in, and how much it costs to get it done professionally (I'll probably just have my mom do it, but just wondering) so if any one has info please tell. I can't dye it until after march but, I still would like to know how much it hurt's your hair and stuff like that. I want to know before I go through with it. Well I don't kn ow what to say now and I need to finish school work, Bye Bri π

 Ok really weird fact, the battle of Gettysburg was started when some Confederate solders were caught looking for shoes in the town of Gettysburg.  I guess shoes really are worth fighting over.


  1. Do you really want blue hair? I can do it. Hehe:)

    1. Uh... No. Mama will do it. NOT you. I'll end up with blue skin if you do it. Bri π

    2. So you would look really cool with blue skin!!! and it would be me would ended up with blue skin.