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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy B-Day Daboy!!

Hey ya'll I have been listening to Phantom of the Opera. It's such good music. Although in the version I have, Christine sounds snotty and Raoul sounds middle aged, but the Phantom is totally awesome. I think it would be fun to audition for a play, and make a big production of the song Phantom of the Opera. I would be Christine and my Dad would be Phantom. But there would be some differences. My dad isn't in love with me or a crazy, scarred for life, murderous stalker. And I am not a young adult who is in love with some guy named Raoul, and also my dad is not dead and I am not obsessed with angels. (Max is not an angel, she is a genetically modified bird person. She does not count) But it would be so fun. Oh by the way, Happy Birth Day Daboy!!!! Umm.... don't know what to say now so Bye Bri π


  1. Adam said, "hit 'thankyou'"! Lol, he meant to say to type out thank you :)
    (We need to go geocaching together sometime!!!)
    --Kitty's Person

  2. Well i say your welcome. It's Bri, Google want's my phone number. I won't give it to them so they won't let me into my account, Stupid Google. Bri π

  3. That's stinky. So will they let you have a blog?

    1. yeah i just can't get on it to post and stuff. Now I need to ask my Mom what to do but she's sleeping. So I can't post. Grrrrrrr.