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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The dog who is not in a box.

OK so there's a dog (and no this time he's not dancing the hula) and every time you feed the dog, he drools. when ever you feed the dog, you ring a bell, well if you do this for weeks and weeks and weeks, eventually it will get to the point were the dog will drool when he hears the bell whether or not he's getting food. So the dog is trained to drool when he hears a bell. Cool huh? Ok actually it's kinda gross, but Any way. Ok new example, Let's say there's only one soda left, and you want it,  the only problem is so does your sister, the person who doesn't get the soda get's an apple juice. Because you really want that soda, you decide to pretend to want the apple juice so that then the apple juice seems to be better that the soda. By convincing your sister the apple juice is better, she will take the apple juice and you will get the soda. Make sense? (JJ did this to Morgan, it's proven to work)

  Now, you know how you train a cat to come to you? Get some food, and say "here kitty kitty" and the cat will come get the food, if you keep doing this every time you feed the cat, then at one point the cat will come when you just yell "here kitty kitty" with out food.  My mom's cat was accidentally trained that every time the bath room door closes the sink turns on. So now when ever some one goes to the bath room he opens the door and sits on the counter waiting for you to wash your hands so he can play with the water. It's the same thing. This doesn't make much sense either. Oh well, so now you know how to trick your sibblings into taking the apple juice (results may vary) Bye Bri π


  1. I kinda taught my cat to meow high pitched when I said "Kitty Boy" really high pitched. :) it was kinda a accident... :)

  2. ? this is Bri? why aren't you on your person? :D lol.

  3. Because I'm on my iPod. It has Internet.