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Monday, February 27, 2012

Mississippi pond.

So we were talking about ponds and Jj said "so what if the nearest pond is the Mississippi river?" I was like, "It's not a pond, it's a river. It has river in it's name" JJ was all like "Now I have to hit you." It was funny. Daddy got a box today. It had French on it. I thought it was funny, I think it was Canadian, or maybe it was French, or maybe, It was Luisianain. Is that the proper term for something from Louisiana? Luisianian? because they speak French there. I think.  Well, I'm Missourian, so I guess so. Not about the french thing, about the Luisianian thing. I feel confuzzeld. It's a word (not really) Look it up (no don't) Ummmmmm................................Gotta go, sorry it's so confuzzling, bye!! Bri π

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