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Monday, March 5, 2012

Thing's I am afraid of.

I try to be fearless, but there are so many dang freaky things in this world. I have decided to make a list of as many thing's I can think of (or will admit) that I'm afraid of. Here we go.
1. Spiders
2. needles
3. people
4. touching
5. death
6. Hell
7. Perfection.
8. giant white lizards that smell like roses
7. The government.
8, Zombies.
9. Dr. Who
10. Crying angels.
11. statues in general.
12. stalkers
13.  outer space.
14. not being in control
15. Money
16. Cars.
17. paranormal-ness
18. Hospitals.
19. Dentists.
20. Doctors.
21. robots
22. viruses
23. sickness
24. parasites.
25. Tim Burton.
26. inmodesty
27. adults I don't know
28. being lost.
29. Vacuums
30. loud noises,
31. silence.
32. the dark.
33. math.
34. F's
33. My maternal Grandmother,
34. being in deep water. (literally)
35. My full name.
36. boats.
37. random noises.
38. door's opening by them selves.
39. being alone.
40. large groups.
41. teasing.
42. loseing my voice in the middle of a preformance.
43. losing my voice right before a preformance.
44. losing my voice in general.
45. technology.
46. polution.
47. pricking my finger.
48. small spaces.
49. being stupid.
50. losing things.
51. puberty
52. growing up.
53. the future
54. mating.
55. teenage boys.
and those are just some of the thing;s I amd afraid of. there's lot's of other thing's I'm afraid of but I don't want to admit them because there weird. (yes weirder than being afraid of vacuums) Well bye Bri π
P.S. some of these don't necessarily scare me, but do make me rather uncomfortable/embarrassed/awkward.


  1. Woah... I'm afraid of some of those things too. #38 is awful... #28, #32, #48, #49, and #1 are too.

  2. I know, I hate #38! It happened earlier today, and I was like, Uhhhhhhh.... creepy. Bri

  3. #38 wins, definitely. #1,2,5,6,7,12,14,31,32,33, DEFINITELY 34,38,39,41,42,43,44,47,48,49,50. Yup, I'm paranoid. But, don't tell anyone that, because that would be scary too, also people knowing my thoughts (other than God of course :) ), Breaking a limb,Losing a loved one, Hurting people, Being hurt, losing my Dr P./Snickers bar, Breaking things, Ants, Beatles, Beatles the band, Being dead, Murder stories, Harassment, Killing, Pretty much everything.

  4. It's a pretty scary world we live in, We just have to crash our way through it.

  5. Yuppers, just keep swimming!.

  6. i don't like 38# 2# 12# 34# 28#.noah