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Friday, March 9, 2012

Story continued.

I hope you are enjoying my story, and because this scene is still fresh I need to write it now or i will forget it. So here we go.

I stared at Lyra. "um.... Ok, I have officially lost it, In a bad way"  Lyra stood up, "What do you mean by that?"  "It means I am now hallucinating about dead people" I said. She looked at me sideways. "But, I am real?" She said confused. A thought occurred to me. A friend of mine recently told me she was a mediator. I hadn't truly believed her until now. I Decided to call her. Yeah the smart person would go get her parents, or something along those lines. I call my psychic best friend. It started ringing."Sy, you do realize it's like, 2 in the morning." Ann said with a hint of annoyance in her voice. "Ann, There is a dead person in my closet" Ann laughed at this. "Well, did you put it there?" She asked. "No! Like a ghost, not a dead body." I said. "But, I thought you can't see ghosts?" She said confused. "I don't! Well I thought I didn't. But she was moaning in my closet, and I opened the door and she saw me and said, 'Hello I'm Lyra and I'm dead!' I..." Ann stopped me. "Woah woah woah, She spoke to you? Ghost's don't talk." She said. "Yeah well, Mine's apparently an extrovert, What do I do with her?" She was silent for a moment. "meet me at school tomorrow." I rolled my eyes. "Ann, I don't go to school." I said "Meet me there any way. And bring your friend." She said then she hung up. "Actresses, Always gotta make a dramatic exit" I said. "But then I have no room to talk" I joked. "What is this?" Lyra was holding my replica music box. "Um please put that down I don't want it broken." I said to her. She set it back on the Dresser. I decided to try to start a conversation. "Sooooo.... How did you die?" I regretted saying it, but Lyra didn't seem to mind. She almost looked excited "car accident" she said excitedly "so why aren't you in heaven or you know." I pointed down. "I don't think I ever did anything bad enough to go down there. But I am a christian so I don't know why I am stuck in this limbo thingy." She said. "Maybe I need to do something" She mumbled to her self. "How old are you?" I asked her. "This year I would have been fifteen. But since I'm stuck here, I'm still fourteen" she said. "That's nice. Make your self comfertable in the closet, or were ever you want to, just don't break anything and don't moan. I am going to bed now." I said then I climbed up into bed and went to sleep.

"EEEEEPPPPPPP!!!" I opened my eyes to Lyra Screaming. "What is your problem?" I ask her. "DOG!!!!!" she screamed. I looked out the window and there was my dog, barking at Lyra. Huh, I think, so animals really can see ghosts. Lyra is still screaming. "Lyra, shut up!" I say, she stops screaming. "Why were you screaming?" i ask her. She points at my dog out the window. I sigh, "why were you screaming at my dog?" she mumbles something I can't under stand. "what?" I ask. "I'm afraid of dogs!!" she yells. "oh, great, your an extrovert, and a cynophobe. Any other thing's you would Like to add to the list?" I say a little annoyed that she is afraid of canines.  She shakes her head "nothing comes to mind at the moment" She says. "I need to get dressed, will you leave for a moment?" I ask her. She nods and goes through my closet door. I change my clothes and get ready to go to the school.

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