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Thursday, March 29, 2012

More story!!!

Sorry!! I have been busy and the story kind of just left me, but My cousin Noah really liked it so I'm continuing it. Noah, this story is for you bud.

Lyra and I went to the school, just as the buses were getting there. My Mom didn't mind, An and I met at the school all the time. Oh by the way you should know my real name, it's Sybil. Sybil Omnium. Weirdest name ever but you know what ever.. An's name is Anima Viedens But that's a ridiculous name. so we go by An and Sy. An saw me and waved, dashing over to were Lyra and I stood. "Hey, So this is your ghost huh?" An asked. " my name is Lyra, not ghost" Lyra said indignantly. An was taken aback by Lyra's speech.  "Well pardon me," she then turned to me "so you can see her, but you haven't seen any others? I can see five here" she said. I looked around, And saw some air that sort of wobbled, like when something is hot, but no ghosts. I explained to An. "Weird, I have no Idea whats wrong with you Sy, but the places you pointed at are were ghosts are standing" Really? I looked at them again, squinting my eyes, and saw that They were vaguely human-esque shaped. "So, why can you talk?" An asked Lyra. "Because I have a little thing in my throat called the larynx and in it are these chords that move when I talk due to air and..." An cut her off. "No I mean as a ghost how can you talk?" An asked. "Oh," said Lyra " I dunno. I just can. I can sing too!" She started singing Amazing Grace, and she wasn't to bad but I could sense the other ghosts getting agitated by Lyra's talking/singing. Maybe there were rules to being a ghost that Lyra didn't follow. Or maybe they Just weren't music lovers. An was looking at them too, and told Lyra to stop, Lyra obliged. "oh crap I'm late for class! Gotta go Bye, Have fun with your friend!" she said Well, that was quit helpfull.

I went home while Lyra jabbered about her Larynx, and thing's of that sort. All of the sudden I felt something was wrong, My mediator senses were tingling? My spider senses? I don't know, but I realized that multiple human shaped fuzzy air thingies, I.e. Ghosts, were following us. "Lyra, shut up" I whispered to her. "Why?' She asked loudly. "Just shut up!" I whisper yelled. She looked around noticing the Ghosts too. "They look rather unhappy don't you think? She asked. "I don't know I can't see their faces" I said "Oh yeah, forgot about that, Um they look kind of ticked" She said. "let's go, faster" I said, "agreed" she replied. "One, two, Three!!!!" we ran for my house. The ghosts  popped up in front of me, I still couldn't see exactly what it looked like, It was less that I saw it, more that I sensed it. But something was confining my hand. The invisible force yanked on my hand sending me sprawling on the asphalt. Lyra was actually in the air, Screaming her head off. "Lyra!" I yelled, she was sort of hanging upside down now by her ankles I got up and ran at the Ghost's holding Lyra and ran at them. I smacked into one, knocking it to the ground. Something smacked me across the face, And suddenly I could see all of the ghosts. Five in all, Two female, three male. The one I had knocked over was a female. Lyra was being held by a male now. I jumped up but Female ghost 1 grabbed my leg and yanked it out from under me. I kicked her face. She let go and grabbed her face, I jumped up, and screaming like a lunatic, I ran into a the male ghost holding Lyra. He grunted and dropped Lyra,who squealed as she fell. The ghosts looked at us. Then Female No 2 pointed at the side walk. A women and her dogs were watching me beat up thin air. I smiled stupidly and Mimed being in a box. She looked unconvinced but walked away. I sighed, and looked to see the ghosts were gone. Lyra was siting on the asphalt crying. I am not good at reacting to human emotions so I awkwardly pulled her to her feet "Come on," I said "Let's go home"

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