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Monday, March 19, 2012

Books Vs Video Games

My cousins Blake and Noah say that Video Games are better than books.I strongly disagree. So to settle our argument I am asking you, my readers, to comment which is better. Books or video games. I will post our status in a few weeks. Please comment this is extremely important to the world. As books are in fact much better than video games. So please comment!!!!!! So far books wins with four votes and Video Games comes in second with two. I have also put this issue on instagram. so thanks Bri π


  1. I guess I'll pick... BOOKS!! ALL THE WAY DUDE! Way way WAY better.

  2. BOOKS ARE BETTER!!!!!!!!!!! Video games are like mindless entertainment, yet strangely addictive. Not to say that all video games are evil and one should never have any, but to compare them to books favorably just doesn't work. I say BOOKS SHOULD WIN!!!!

  3. Book are cool and video games are fun i don't no