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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Mateing Call Of The Country Boy

So Me and Cookie were at a library in a farm-town sort of place to drop of some books.  Her mom starts talking to the librarians and we go over to look at the books. So there are like, three country boys sitting at the computers talking and as I pass by them one of them with long blond hair, spins around in his chair looks right at me, and say's "MOOOOO!!!" I sort of walk away quickly and am a bit startled at the fact I've just been moo-ed at. So as I walk away we hear him say to his friend with a bit of a country accent going on. "That's how I pick up girls at the library" evidently this is how country boy's flirt. First time I've ever been flirted with and the boy imitates a cow... well. Won't be forgetting this. Later me and Cookie were talking about it and we decided that Moo-ing is the mating call of the Country Boy. And That was the Highlight of my day (see? my life's not as exciting as it seems) If you are ever moo-ed at by a country boy he is apparently trying to flirt. Any way had to share. Bye Bri π
P.S. Comment your odd experiences with the opposite gender! Please keep it PG rated, though as little kids do read this. Thanks! Love to hear your story's.


  1. Lol!!! I don't think any boys have ever flirted with me... Well ether that or I'm reeeally oblivious....


  2. LOLOLOLOLOL, that is hilarious!!!!!

  3. Woah.... That's bizarre. What Library was this? Wow.... That's... Really rude..... like, extremely. LOL.... Once I was dropping off some books at our library, and some random boy asked how I was (as in, "How are you?",) and it totally freaked me out because I had not planned on talking to anyone at the library that day,(I basically have script out what I'm going to say before hand, and I didn't plan on talking to a stranger,) and sometimes there are some unsavory characters hanging around the library. But nothin' like that. Mooing is not a good way to make friends....