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Monday, August 27, 2012

Keep Calm and Wait (Im)Patiently 'Till Saturday.

Hello people who bother to read this. How are you? ...I'm going to pretend you responded and carry on.
So, What am I excited about? Well..... Series 7 of Doctor Who comes out Saturday! That's exciting. I got to watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas" which I really liked. I am going to Ren Fest, which is also exciting! And, I think it's almost been a year since I got my blog!! Yay, happy one year anniversary of my blog! Woohoo! and I don't think i have anything else to say, aside from, Happy Monday. I know it's not really all that great, as it's a school day, but still, give Monday some love. It's not Mondays fault it's the beginning of the week. Well, go get on with your existing, and I will carry on with mine. Keep calm and wait (im)patiently 'till Saturday!!! Bye! Bri π


  1. http://musicallamb.wordpress.com/ http://doodlesnoodlesnthings.wordpress.com/ Have a read. :)

  2. I'm good, you? :) I was wondering if you knew where my blog was, so I posted a link. :) Happy one year anniversary!! :D

  3. Lucky! We've started watching a new show and the next season doesn't even come out till January, so we have to wait FOREVER.... ;) jk
    Happy 1 year anniversary!!!!!!