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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Dare.

Today I went and saw my friend Lauren. She's in the hospital with Leukemia. This is her second time with cancer. While there, I took one of her permanent markers and drew on my arm an orange cancer ribbon. Orange is the color for Leukemia, like Pink is for breast cancer and Gold is for childhood cancer. So this week, all this week, I dare you to draw on you're arm a ribbon. keep it all week, through Halloween, and re draw it when you wash or it starts to fade. Research the colors and find one that a friend or family member has had and color it. I Plan to keep re drawing mine for as long as I can. I just want you to do it for a week. If you don't know anyone, then pick one or just leave it clear. But show your support for people with cancer, and not just breast cancer. All cancer.
Thank you, Bri π


  1. You can do purple. That's the color of cancer. Well lavender. But still.
    Flipp!n girl

  2. Musical and I have taken your dare. It's a good cause.