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Friday, June 7, 2013

Things I Plan to Do While at Camp.

So, camp is in two days. Super excited! Since camp is so close, I have compiled a list of things I plan to do while I'm at camp. Enjoy!
1. When I'm drawing, and people come up to me to ask if I drew that, I will throw the sketchbook and scream, "Holy crap! I'm possesed!"
2. Whenever someone asks a dumb question I will hand them a piece of paper and say "Here's your sign"
3.  If anyone comes up to me while I'm alone and says something to me, I will act suprised and say "you can see me?!"
4. Make hundreds upon hundreds of fandom references including that of, (but not limited too): Portal, THG, TMI, Percy Jackson, Divergent, Doctor Who, FMA, InuYasha, Psych, The Nightmare before Christmas, Avatar, Harry Potter, The Princess Bride,
5. Sing. Loudly.
6. Run around like a ninja/spy, making random hand gestures.
7. Yell things in Latin, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, and any other language I can think of.
8. Practice TKD (this is not so much Funny as Practical. Although it will be entertaining to see everyone else's expressions as they realize, I AM a ninja)
9. Show of my vast knowledge of useless facts and trivia.
10. Quote things, repeatedly.
So there you have it, things that I plan to do, while at camp. Hopefully I don't get in trouble. ;)
Bri π

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