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Friday, March 8, 2013


Hello, how are you? Good? Awesome. I am right now listening to P!nk. And typing. Very exciting. tomorrow I am going to a Pow Wow with Nana. it should be interesting. I just hope I don't have to dance much, :P
I need to read a Sci-Fi book. I think I shall read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It has been sitting in my room for several months waiting for me to read it. I hope I can read it in a week. If not, well, I fail. Hey, have any of you heard of Dvice? It's kind of awesome. It's this website that talks about all the cool new stuff in technology and science. my dad showed it to me forever ago, but i just remembered, because of the Sci-Fi thing. I read about this electronic tail that wags when your heart beat goes up, and these electric cat ears that move with what your mood is. Totally Capitol, but rather awesome. And 3D printers. Those are freaky. Printing human organs? Awesomely terrifying.
Hey, anyone have any suggestions for mystery novels thats people between the ages of 12 and 18 can read? Cause I need some. I mean, Sherlock Holmes is a given,and Nancy Drew. But I need other things too. We can't all read Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew. That would be awful. Sherlock Holmes is so dull, (sorry sherlockians, or whatever you call your selves) I am not a fan of Sherlock Holmes. I do like the movies, the ones with Robert Downey Jr. because they are Steampunk and Robert Downey Jr. is awesome. I need to go now, bye, Bri π

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